GS4 Notes

How would they help you:

  1. Notes contain definition of most of the keywords related to ethics.
  2. Notes cover ethical dimension of most of the issues in news.
  3. Notes cover several examples/case studies which can enrich your answer


Ethical concern and dilemmas


Social Influence and Persuasion


Civil Services and its values

Emotional Intelligence

Philosophy – Thinkers

Case Studies

Probity in Governance

Corporate Governance


Personal Experiences


Leaders and their influence


Administration related


Professional Ethics

Ethical Issues in IR

Role of Education and Society

Ethical Dimensions in current events

2 thoughts on “GS4 Notes”

  1. Purva srivastava

    sir gs 4 notes are very good but it is not in PDF form , to cover every topic separately is very difficult … so if possi ble pl. provide in PdF

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