Gorilla Killing

Recently, a gorilla was shot dead in an US zoo for holding a four year old child in its arms. Critically comment on the ethical issues this episode has given rise to. (150 Words)

The incident brings to light the inherent discrimination within human beings- where a 4 years old human kid ‘is and will’ always be preferred over a 17 year old young gorilla- the decisions aren’t based upon the fact that ‘life is valuable and death irreversible’ not just for we humans but for animals as well- it further brings to light the human hypocrisy- where we organise large unions and conventions to safeguard wild life in closed doors and ‘forget to practice what we profess’ when time be. when someone said ‘ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants’ he was true indeed.
Other ethical issues and questions this particular incident gives rise to are, can animals be killed for human negligence ?
Further, why couldn’t the zoo authorities foresee such an accident and prepare for possible solutions ? was killing the gorilla the only option ?
The fact that animals are a human beings best friend was well proved by the gorilla- he was caressing and playing with the child while the insensitive/un-compassionate human shot at him.
Probably, both the gorilla and the kid would have been saved if the zoo authorities were a little more compassionate, had a little more foresight and rationality and love and value for ‘life’- and had made provisions for and used injections for unconsciousness instead of gun bullets.
Note: Answer is just to give an idea. There can be many counter views to above answer. Please don’t treat it as an ideal answer.
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