Topicwise MCQs

MCQ Factory includes:

  • About 25000 UPSC standard MCQs with elaborate explanations
  • MCQs are arranged Topic Wise (over 350+ topics) 
  • All Basic sources are covered (NCERTs, Lakshmikant Polity, Shankar Environment, Economy Ramesh Singh, Geography Goh Cheng Leong, CCRT Art & Culture etc.)
  • Weekly Current based tests are added.
  • Smart Study Plans included which provide daily study targets followed by revision tests. Check details here
  • Prelims Test Series included. Check details here
  • 73 / 100 Qs in UPSC Prelims 2022 could be answered from MCQ Factory MCQs
  • You can see LIVE Demo here (100+ Free Tests)

The MCQ Factory is THE ONLY package you need to subscribe for UPSC Prelims preparation as it covers all requirements of Prelims examination.

You can see LIVE Demo here OR comment below to get free Demo.

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What is The MCQ Factory?

  • TMF is a one stop solution for UPSC Prelims preparation.
  • TMF is a repository of about 25,000 high quality MCQs arranged topic wise ex. MCQs on Paintings, Sculpture, Jainism etc.
  • TMF includes a Prelims Test Series for UPSC. So, you do not need to pay for any other test series.
  • TMF includes smart study plans for all subjects which provides daily study targets and daily revision tests.
  • It will help students check their preparation level after reading a particular topic.
  • High quality explanation is also provided which help in better understanding and revision.
  • It includes past year UPSC MCQs along with high quality explanations.
  • Weekly Current based tests are added in TMF.

How many MCQs are there in TMF and how will I access them?

  • There are more than 25000 MCQs arranged topic wise.
  • All MCQs are arranged in small-small tests topic wise. 
  • You can attempt these tests on standard platform

How many topics are covered in TMF?

  • We have tried to break entire syllabus in different topics as scientifically as possible. There are over 350+ topics.
  • You can check out list of entire topics subject wise here.

Why should I join TMF?

  • If you want to check your preparation level after completing a particular topic.
  • If you like to revise by attempting MCQs.
  • If you are planning to join a Prelims Test Series, TMF provides THE MOST AFFODABLE solution.
  • If you are not able to complete Prelims syllabus in a scientific manner, TMF Smart Study plans will help you cover each subject in a planned manner by providing Daily Targets and Daily Revision Test.
  • If you plan to cover past year papers.

What are the features of TMF platform?

  • Platform on which TMF runs is industry standard.
  • You can bookmark questions for revision.
  • TMF tests are made in gaming mode thus making your learning fun.
  • You can retake tests any number of time.
  • You can compare with other students.

For how long my subscription will be valid?

What all topics are covered in MCQF?

Register at for FREE access to all past year papers. All topics can be seen after login on this portal. If you have any query, you can comment below or contact us @:

10 thoughts on “Topicwise MCQs”

  1. You are claiming that 60 questions could be answered from your series. It would be great if you share your 2020 series. It will help aspirants to trust you more and go for your test series.

    1. We have provided screenshots for all Qs asked from MCQ Factory.

      You can register at and see demo.

      We have provided free access to all Art & Culture Topics.

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