Polity4Sure : Smart Study Plan for completing Polity in 28 Days

Polity4Sure : Smart Study Plan for Polity.

Smart Study Plan which covers entire Polity for Prelims in 28 Days with Daily Targets and Daily Revision Tests.


  • Daily Targets for 28 Days
  • Daily Revision Tests for 28 Days
  • Topic Wise Compilation of MCQs for Polity (About 2500 MCQs)

Sources Covered:

  • NCERT 6th Social and Political Life I
  • NCERT 7th Social and Political Life II
  • NCERT 8th Social and Political Life III
  • NCERT 9th Democratic Politics I
  • NCERT 10th Democratic Politics II
  • NCERT 11th Indian Constitution at Work
  • Lakshmikant Polity

Details and Demo


  • Covers entire polity in 28 days
  • Daily targets are given for Systematic Study
  • Daily revision tests are given to access and improve

Who Should Join?

  • Students who want to prepare / revise in a systematic manner
  • Students who want to analyse their preparation by attempting MCQs from the topics read in the day
  • Students who want to keep track of what has been prepared and what is left in a subject. This program provides % of subject completed.
  • Students who have attempted Polity coaching or have finished Polity earlier but are not confident about Polity. This program will help you revise Polity in a systematic manner and will also help you identify your week chapters via daily topicwise tests.

Contact 6397107065 via Telegram or Whatsapp or email to [email protected] if you have any query.


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