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    1. savyasachimishra

      Hello sir can you please make a compilation of all the amendments and Important supreme court cases and verdict , if possible sector wise (at least ten important areas of concern). Thank you so much.

    1. But Sir i have tried earlier but one can do print one topic/page at one time will b too time consuming..!! I need collective material at one go…i will pay as your charges will be…!Thank You Sir..

  1. UNFCCC was not legally binding itself. An agreement under it could become legally binding if it was agreed upon by certain number of countries. Kyoto Protocol was such an agreement which was agreed upon by most of the countries and thus Kyoto Protocol has defined limits which was discussed in UNFCCC.

    So, in nutshell, UNFCCC itself was not legally binding, its outcome, Kyoto Protocol was.

    Hope its clear now.

    Best of Luck.

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