One of your close friends was caught by your father while stealing money from your room. He was a regular visitor at your home. He has been your close friend since your school days. Recent he was facing severe financial problems and was badly in need of money to repay old debt. He had sought your help, but due to your other commitments you could not help him. Your friend stole money from you as last resort when his creditor threatened him with grave consequences if loan was not repaid within stipulated time. Your father, who did not like your friends circle, now wants to lodge police complaint against your friend.

Your friend pleads that he has been nice guy throughout and should be pardoned by you and your parents. Your mother is now accusing him of stealing all the past missing things in your
home. He begs you and your father to not to lodge police complaint. The money which he stole was substantial and was meant for your sister’s marriage. You were saving this money for many years.
Should your father forgive your friend because he was a good person all these years and committed the crime due to pressing personal problems? Justify giving suitable reasons. (150 Words)
Will you continue to treat your friend who stole money as one of your close friends? Why? Substantiate. (150 Words)
a) Economic problems could make a person to go to any extent and what my friend did is no different. It is my father’s as equal responsibility to correct my behaviour as also to correct my friend’s behaviour who has committed a mistake. And knowing me and my behaviour my father must not lodge police complaint as that will spoil the career and could push my friend into more problems and will have its consequences on me and my friends circle.
He must talk to my friend and counsel him about his behaviour which could create more problems than solve his economic problems. My father must get money back first which is of
much importance to family now. Then enquire what consequences made him to borrow money and why he is unable to repay and ask him to work for solving them in a proper way like requesting the lender to give some more time to find alternatives or earn money. Mere stealing would not be the solution to all economic problems and my friend may get into the trap of committing bigger crimes in later period if not corrected at this crucial junction of his life. My father has to show him the right path and suggest him to work hard to fulfil his needs.
b) I will try to treat my friend in a positive way provided if he promises me not to repeat this again.
Friendship cannot be spoiled with such mistakes and the trust that built must not be degraded. It is a good lesson for my friends circle as well to know about good and bad and how money can create problems in relationships. A mistake happens only once and repetition of it is a crime. It is in my interest to make him know how his single act spoiled the trust and make him realize what he did for both of our benefit. I will give up my friendship if my friend repeats this again as that is corroding my character and beliefs



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