Expectation from Public Servant

In your opinion, what do people from weaker sections expect and need from public servants? Assuming that you are a newly posted IAS officer, critically analyse. (200 Words)

The extent of deprivation being dealt out to the weaker sections made them marginalized to the lowest ebb. Public servants as the link between them and the state could potentially reverse them by acting according to weaker section expectations and needs.
They can expect to be :
To be Non-partisan and be Impartial: This can benefit or clear the hurdles they face with respect to well off people- always the well-off enjoyed the benefits at the cost of weaker sections- primarily. The scheme original beneficiaries can now stand benefited
To be Empathetic: This value of a public servant make him/her understand the cause and suffering of the weak and make him/her realize to act pro-actively pursue the schemes that answer those sufferings.
To have Compassion: This makes the public servant to give importance to their representation whenever a solution has to be designed to eliminate a problem.
To have Integrity: If this is existed in every servant, there couldn‟t be the problems for the weaker sections at all. The official work itself gives more importance to weaker sections, but the lack of integrity in officials made historical injustice to weaker sections.
Finally as an IAS officer, I will try to uphold the above values which not only needs an exception from beneficiaries, but needed to be an ethical human.



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