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In your opinion, what is the source of happiness? Why do some people manage to stay happy despite facing certain difficulties in life? Discuss. (200 Words)

The source of happiness is the mind that directs a person to be happy even in circumstances that are difficult and obstacles that may seem insurmountable to some. It is rightly said that happiness is a state of mind. The people who manage to stay happy despite calamity are the ones who have most of the following traits.
Contentment: The first rule to stay happy is to be content with whatever life gives you. One may be ambitious and put in great efforts but satisfaction at the end of the activity must be there. It is soothing and inspires a person to struggle.
Will power: An indomitable will power will encourage the person to find a way even at places where there will be none.
Positive outlook: A person with positive outlook will always look for constructive plans rather than destructive ones. To construct something anew is anyways an inspiring activity which gains appreciation from society and instills confidence in the person.
Passion: To move in a direction in which one is passionate is itself soothing. When way to destination itself becomes enjoyable, destination is not far away. Happiness, in this case, lies not only in destination but journey itself.
Therefore, though circumstances may be difficult, certain inherent qualities in a human being make him go past all difficulties. It is rightly said- Adversities cause some men to break and some to break records.


Should happiness be the ultimate goal in one’s life? Where do you find happiness in your daily life? In your opinion, what constitutes real happiness for you? Explain. (200 Words)
Happiness and Sadness are continuous part of life. Similarly Happiness and Sadness are relative. For some, Happiness is perfect bliss, but for others happiness is good health and safe life, while for someone else happiness is just absence of sadness. Hence, Happiness is relative and depends on the person to person.
Definitely yes, being happy and content is sole aim of all living beings action. We eat, play and recreate to being happy. Nobody likes to be unhappy. But being a social being, our goal should be little more than personal happiness. It should be happiness for all. Our wish should be happiness for all and action should be in direction of happiness for all who can be affected or related to our action.
It is also crux of Vedas:
“Sarve bhavantu Sukhina, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Maa kaschid dukh bhavet”
I find happiness in doing what I like which can be my job or my hobby. As job part gives us content and security more than happiness, so, with time its importance decreases. But doing something what one likes gives long term and real happiness. I like teaching and helping others, so I do it whenever I get slightest chance to do. It gives me happiness and brings me more near to society and people.


All human beings aspire for happiness. Do you agree? What does happiness mean to you? Explain with examples. (150 Words, UPSC CSM – 2014)
Happiness is a positive state of mind which has a Direct correlation with health , productivity, socialisation, it simply means How much you are okay with your life, partner, surrounding, Government. People may tend to link income levels with happiness however positive benefits of higher incomes have been undermined by rising inequality and falling levels of trust and social cohesion. Thus is more than beyond mathematical number and figures which economist try to fetch.
Bhutan ,’76 devised this approach and Used it in GNH ,a replacement of quantitative term GDP. it rested on 4 pillars Cultural ,Environmental ,Economical and Perception towards government . Such holistic approach was later adopted by the World too. Recent Bhutanese PM statement that “in this Hall many individuals have assets greater then my combined GDP of my all provinces of Bhutan” Shows that they have much inclination towards happiness as the life time day to day process rather happiness as the illusionary outcome ,which many individuals ,society, nations tries to Secure but unfortunately fails
And as it goes ” There are still various something which Money can’t Buy “. It is better to earn those things rather trying to purchase it.


Discuss the relationship between wealth, liberty and happiness. (150 Words)
Liberty is freedom to make choices and lead the life a person choses. It is indispensable for happiness as it gives a sense of freedom and self-belief.
Wealth in today’s scenario is important for complete liberty and with it happiness. It depends on a person how he perceives ‘Happiness’ i.e. materialistic or eternal bliss. To me wealth brings the liberty to help out poor kids attain education rather than buy a luxury car. It brings the liberty to help a poor person in need of medical attention rather than be indifferent to his suffering. e.g. The money Bill Gates earned brought him the liberty to carry out Philanthropic work around the world and seek ‘ETERNAL’ happiness.
Money brings us choices, thus the liberty to choose the path and with it seek eternal bliss rather than materialistic pleasure.



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