Importance of basic learning – UPSC Ethics

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.” Discuss the relevance of the meaning of this quote in public administration. (150 Words)

Quote talks about the importance of basics that a person must work upon before taking up greater roles. Delving into greater role directly without brushing the basics results in poor outcomes and the flight to success takes a poor landing. The quote holds the following importance in public administration-
– The analogy of ‘standing, walking and running’ before ‘flying’ denotes the progression in the skills required to complete the greater tasks. Initial training given to civil servants is for making their foundations and strong and acquainting them with relevant skills that will require during the conduct of their job
– Learning to “climb” before “flying” speaks about prospective outlook that one gains by climbing up. This is required to foresee hurdles or challenges ahead, the “mountains in the path of flight”. This skill is required to make the schemes successful in public administration
– The emphasis on learning to “dance” before flying” is about the jolly attitude that one should have during the conduct of duties. This is to emphasize that failures or struggles are part and parcel of life but one should try to remain happy in their outlook. This is required so that public administrators do not become gloomy in case they fail to perform duties satisfactorily
Thus, strengthening the foundation seems important before assuming greater roles because a good beginning makes a good ending.



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