Greedy Wife & Friendship – UPSC Ethics Case Study

One of your friends, who is very ambitious to achieve higher social status by acquiring wealth by any means, is planning to force her present husband to divorce her by threatening him that she would file police complaint against him accusing him of domestic violence, and then marry a rich realtor who has fallen in love with her. You are well aware of her plans to use the rich realtor to acquire wealth. She keeps on promising you that she would make you rich too. She has been of great support to you through all of your struggles and you consider her as you strength and moral support. She shares all her secrets with you believing that you would safeguard them. Meanwhile, your husband who doesn’t like the attitude of your friend is asking you to stay away from her. He is forcing you to break friendship with her.

What values have been compromised in the above case study by the people involved in it? Examine. (100 Words)
Will you act as per your husband’s wish? Justify. (150 Words)
Achieving your goals by means of taking wrong path and on the way hurting other people cannot be justified. My friend is not realizing the long term damage she is doing to herself and her husband.
The following values have been compromised in the above case:
  1. Trust – Trust of my friend’s husband stands shattered. He is unaware of the plans of his wife and without doing anything wrong may face legal case.
  2. Moral degradation – My friend is trying to file a wrong case in case her husband does not give divorce just to fulfil her superficial ambition of being rich. Also, the rich realtor who is ready to marry a girl who is already married.
The dilemmas faced by me in this situation are:
  1. Trust of my friend broken if I reveal her plan
  2. Actions of my friend towards her husband
  3. Temptation of being rich by helping my friend
  4. Losing a close friend on the advice of my husband
My husband does not want me any harm and rightly advising me to stay away from my friend. However, I will not break friendship with my friend for it is my responsibility to show her the right path.
She had been a great support to me all my life and we share a bond of trust. So instead of staying away from her or ignoring her plans, I will be with her and make sure that she understands the gravity of her mischievous plans, which can destroy a person’s life. I will also explain her that higher social status and money have no value unless you have respect.
Hence, I will take this as a responsibility and try my best to stop my friend from going ahead with her plan. At the same time, I will make her realize her mistakes so that she can understand the true meaning of happiness instead of pursuing futile goals.



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