Democracy and people – UPSC Ethics

“In a democracy, people get the government they deserve and they deserve what they get. Critically analyse the statement and give your opinion regarding it. (150 Words)

Democratic govt refers to the govt run by people or representatives of people. So in democracy people are themselves responsible for the decision making. If the chosen govt is good then progress may be there in the nation or if the govt is not up to the mark then it may happen that govt won‘t be able to achieve progressive path for the nation.
The statement is said in the light that if people are able to choose good representatives then they will have a good govt otherwise not. So it is dependent on the citizens‘ ability to choose right govt.
For ex if people are narrow minded and choose govt on the basis of religion, caste and not on the basis of abilities of leaders then it may happen that leaders are also tilted in favour of particular section of society and only concerned about that particular strata, so this kind of govt will hinder the development of the entire nation.
On the contrary if people are capable of choosing leaders on the basis of merits the development will take place in the nation.
(1). Leaders are part of same society and they are manifestation of underlying values in the system
(2). People chooses leaders based on the same values
(3). Leader than act according to the same value system
So, Value system which provides foundation to a society decides the nature of democracy.



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