Corruption in Sports – UPSC Ethics

BCCI is facing a crisis of credibility caused largely by matters relating to conflict of interest and corruption.

Recent announcement:
  • An ombudsmen, independent of the BCCI would be appointed to deal with complaints
  • Board’s constitution and its balance sheet (only transaction > 25 lacs) would be posted on its website.
Issue remaining:
  • BCCI is still not accountable to outside agencies or the public under RTI Act
In recent years, India has witnessed many corruption scams and other unethical activities in sports and games. In your opinion, what measures need to be taken to address these issues in sports? Comment. (200 Words)
Corruption and unethical activities in sports are seen as elements which reduces its reputation and leaves suspicious marks on country’s image which hurt the beauty of Sports. I think few administrative, legislative measure could prove deterrent to this.
  1. As “sports” is a state subject to reduce the chance of escaping central sports fraud law should be enacted to provide consistency and uniformity to curb the frauds in sports.
  2. Indian Penal code should be amended to include the new clauses which could deal with emerged sports activities. Matters of players of Rajasthan royals in 2013 could not even go the trial courts in absence of legal framework.
  1. Mechanism of suspension, ban from playing and punishment should be made stringent to instill the fear in potential unethical practitioners.
  2. Co-ordination b/w law enforcement agencies and governing bodies should be enhanced to file charges and speedy trial of matter
  3. Surveillance and intelligence should be improved to detect such practices as early as possible
Justice Lodha committee’s verdict to ban 2 teams and their bosses will send clear message that there is no place for such elements in games and sports. It is a gentlemen’s area and should be remain as.



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