Conscience overriding Laws – UPSC Ethics Thinkers

Examine the differences between rules, laws and regulations. Explain a situation – either from your experience or imaginary – where these three can be overridden by one’s conscience. (200 Words)

Laws: Laws are legislation enacted by a sovereign body to address a particular subject. Laws are legally enforceable in the judicial courts. Violation of laws is usually punishable. There are international laws, laws at national level and laws at states level. Law making is the exclusive domain of the legislature and it is the duty of the executive to enforce these laws.
Regulations: They are used to monitor and enforce laws. Regulations are usually made by the executive for smooth functioning of the laws. Laws usually provide a skeletal framework for addressing a subject. Regulations are meant for providing a detailed and intricate framework for making the laws work.
Rules: Rules are guidelines that are provided to maintain smooth functioning of an organization and to maintain peace and harmony among its people. These are informal set of guidelines what a person must do and do not. Rules are being changed and altered depending on place, organisation and people. The domain of rules is much smaller compared to laws. Violation of rules cannot be challenged in a court of law.
The law, rules and regulations which deny Muslim women divorcee adequate maintenance amount fail to reconcile with my conscience. I find it to be unfair to Muslim women. Helping an accident victim to reach hospital by breaking traffic rules if there is a signal.



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