Domestic Violence – UPSC Ethics

As a District Social Welfare officer, you have recently rescued a woman who was subjected to severe domestic violence by her husband and in-laws. She is very depressed and needs urgent medical attention. Your wife suggests that the survivor should be counselled. What ethical guidelines will you follow to help this victim as a responsible officer? Discuss. (200 Words)

The issue at hand should be handled with tact and care in following manner:
IMMEDIATE RESPONSE: There should be a sense of urgency in dealing with the issue. Appropriate and immediate medical care, assisting in all legal action with follow- up, providing moral and emotional support to the victim will go a long way in easing theĀ  suffering of the victim.
MEDIA: As the crime is of sensitive nature, i would take action to limit the media exposure and give her protection from legal hassles such as inquisitive questioning, offensive medical examinations which aggravate the pain she might have to endure.
LEGAL RESPONSE: Justice and sense of duty will make me to take firm action against the perpetrators under the prevention of domestic violence act. Provide unflinching support and showing commitment to take the case to logical conclusion of maximum possible punishment to the perpetrator will provide mental relief to the victim.
SENSITIVITY: Empathy is the key here. It takes effort to understand the victim’s pain from her viewpoint. It will make the rehabilitation process more humane and avoidable issues can be avoided this way.
SHARING THE PAIN: Sense of justice and fair play where the victim feels that her loss is being considered as an outrage and authorities are taking actions with more than a sense of just another case to handle. This will make her feel less apprehensive about the legal responsibilities which may be required of her.
Answerability to the community at large is also an important issue to consider. Public will expect swift and stern action. By publicly assuring the community at large, of proper deterrent action, credible message can be sent to the community and women welfare groups and other NGOs.


In India, domestic violence against women, in various forms, is either on the rise or it is often reported in the news now a days. Apart from strictly implementing the law, what else would you do to stop this violence against women if you are posted as Superintendent of Police of a district? Explain. (200 Words)
Domestic violence is worldwide phenomenon , in India it is prevalent in all caste’s, socioeconomic classes , religious groups and most regions . Domestic violence is an act of form of physical violence, mental violence , emotional abuse or sexual assault. Unfortunately we are witnessing growth in cases of domestic violence. To remove this societal evil we are equipped we strict law like domestic violence act 2005 . Apart from strict implementation of law, as police superintendent, i will ensure following :
  1. Police in role of Mitra police, i will direct to all police stations to form a committee of women cops and committee have to coordinate with all NGO ,resident welfare society , and other women organisations in particular station area .
  2. For invoking awareness in women, i will organise gender sensation programme in schools, colleges, and in various colony. I will ensure that every woman must equipped with information about his rights.
  3. I will establish emergency toll free number for instant information about any case of domestic violence.
  4. I will establish counselling center help line. So by counselling we can address some minor dispute between couple or in family.
  5. Awareness activities in the form of a plays, skits, songs etc. to try to change the mindset of the people.
  6. Instituting self-defense classes for women.



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