Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr. believed that a life worth living should include a principle worth dying for. Do you stand for any such principles in life and explain why they are so important for you? (150

There are principles worth dying for but not a single one worth killing for. Martin Luther King Jr. and other great personalities of world had some genuine principle or other for which they lived and for which they did not afraid even the death.
Certain principles are larger than life and giving away life for saving those is just pouring a drop in the ocean. However these principles should always be accompanied by a rational explanation and deep justification which bring societal justice and collective
I believe in the patriotism and the love for country but that is not just a fanatic feeling but an examined one. Patriotism not only includes love for country but its larger perspective gives the meaning of love for mankind, working for them, caring them, removing inequality which I believe my life is for. I never want my country to be the most powerful nation but always want it to be the prosperous one. When we want ourselves to be powerful than others , It will surely someday create catastrophe against us.
The rising communal forces in the world have threatened the stability of entire societal fabric. Dehumanizing massacres, undignified exploitation and subversion of just and fair society through brute force brings an ambiance of fear, pain, acrimony and injustice. And living in such gross misconduct of one group against other is intolerable and undesirable. My only duty in this regard lies in germinating brotherhood and interfaith among religion to foster peace as Vivekananda enlightened. And, during my course ofaction if I have to lay down my life, I would consider it a blessing than curse.
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