Do you think the actions of a soldier committed during war time such as killing of terrorists, or collateral damage such as killing of innocent civilians is ethical? It is known fact that many soldiers who return from war suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). What should be the role of family and society in dealing with such soldiers? Discuss. (200 Words)

Humans are thinking entity and hence emotional unlike machine which lacks feeling and emotions. War are fought between nations on their differences of idea, but it is never asked to soldier that ―do they really support the ideology for which war is being fought ?This led to the conflict between their duty and their conscience of right and wrong. In battlefield, you have only two choices, either to kill or be killed. In the rush of survival and for call of duty, a soldier kills in wartime. It can result sometime to casualties of civilians too.
Ethicality of killing is complex and as per the broad view of ethics in Consequential approach (Teleological) if such killing leads to peace in other large region and in future, defeat of evil over good, then such killings are justified as per the Gita and all philosophers.
As explained above about reason, Soldiers suffer with PTSD, because they are undergoing internal conflict between duty and humanistic conscience as at the end of the  day, they are also humans with morality. Role of family and society are imminent, some roles are:
  1. Family can provide a vent out of emotions for the PTSD victims. They can help victim talk out his anger, guilt, regret and let the stressors subsidize.
  2. Family provide support mechanism either as patient listener or cheering up the mood when needed.
  3. Family can act as counsel to PTSD suffering Soldiers, because often victim deny the help of external counselor as they don‘t consider themselves ill. In such cases family support is required.
Family plays as buffer role in such cases as they provide a space for joy, care, engagement in other activity to victim which helps them in smooth transition from stress state to casual life style.
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