Values needed to deal with criminals – UPSC Ethics

Hate crimes  in India and around the world are increasing. There are people who hate you for no reasons. For an administrator, which qualities are very important to deal with haters and carry on their public service normally? Discuss. (150 Words)

The core of public services is to bring out positive change on the socio-economic landscape. And the change always comes with some resistance, which manifests in the form of hatred either verbal of physical.
Values that an administrator should possess to deal with haters while fulfilling the duty of public services are :
  1. Emotional intelligence : EI allows you to understand the state of mind of both the hater and of yourself. It helps in restraining you from taking any retaliatory measure.
  2. Compassion & Empathy : Notwithstanding the behaviour of haters, an administrator must possess love & care for them. For example, if a few rural households are hating you for changing their routine “open defecation” habit, but the administrator have to explain the harmful effects of it and persuade against it , without being aggressive,
  3. Tolerance : Without any prejudice, an able administrator must listen to public impartially. She/he should even listen to the adversaries very patiently to find out the root cause of problems.
  4. Integrity : Having all above values, she/he must not allow his adversaries to defame her/him deliberately. In such cases he should also take the legal course of action against them.



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