a) In your opinion, in India, what barriers exist for women to showcase their talents in different fields? Critically discuss (150 Words)

b) One of your friends keep arguing that because he is used to seeing his mother doing all household works, he expects the same from his wife, or from his sister when she gets married to someone wealthy.
According to him, restricting women to kitchen has helped keep family united and peaceful. He keeps advising you to marry a beautiful, very young village girl who would ‘listen’ to you and be less ambitious in her life.
How will you react to your friend’s opinions and his advices? Justify. (150 Words)
(a.): In India, Women lack basic facilities on many areas which put them in disadvantageous position with invisible barriers to achieve their full potentials. Some barriers are:
Social Barriers:
In India Women are often stereotyped as lesser capable, physically weaker, honour of family and liability. Hence, they are often asked to be content with limited educations, exposure and opportunities. Hence, their participation in workforce is poor and skilled workforce even poorer.
Economic Barriers:
Lower priority to Girl’s education and nutrition during childhood. Lesser expenditure in Girls education leads to high dropout and lower health statistics. This led them dependent for whole life on males of the family.
Psychological Barriers:
Women in India are epitomized as ideal if they do all household work aptly and happily. If she is in job, then she should manage home also. Give birth to son(s). Such confusing expectation leads to poor work performance and imbalance in their work-life.
These are some barriers out of numerous unmentioned. But slowly with rising participation of women and awareness in all spheres are making female friendly environment.
(b): Alike mentality of my friends exist in huge numbers, even many mothers and sisters often suggests so. It explains a complex phenomenon wherein, Women internalize the idea about themselves that they will be valued, revered and respected more in society if they will bore more sons, remain docile, do all household work in time and remain content with whatever lesser facilities available to them. Such internalizations are inherent to Indian culture where we revere Goddess Sita who is ideal women.
My friend is saying so because he has seen in his upbringing since childhood. I will reply / advise him as:
Beauty, tender age is temporary things, slowly they wear off and what lasts is how well our thinking will match. As I am educated and liberal in thinking so I expect same characteristics in my wife. Beauty, wealth doesn’t attract me and shouldn’t to anyone who is looking for a life partner in wife.
Also, society is changing fast; educated and positive personality women can change the face of whole family. Lot has been changed since our mother ages when women literacy and exposure were very low.
Now, in fast changing world a women need to be educated and ambitious to do daily jobs deftly like online purchasing, ticket booking, travelling alone, taking in-laws to doctors, attending children’s school functions and representing our family in society etc.
Hence, my friend you need to revisit the impression of women again.