Cheating in Exam

Ramesh, an MBBS aspirant, though intelligent and having scored good marks in his 12th standard, had resorted to cheating in the all India medical entrance exam. He wanted to secure top rank and get admission into a top medical college. His father supported him and paid huge bribe to a person who promised them of all help during the entrance exam. Ramesh would have still got a medical seat if he had not resorted to cheating. His friend Suresh advised him not to cheat citing a recent scam where many were jailed including students who

had cheated. Ramesh ignored his friend’s advice, went ahead and cheated in the exam.
Later a sting operation exposed that along with Ramesh was not alone. Finally the whole exam was cancelled thanks to students like Ramesh.
Why do you think Ramesh cheated despite knowing the consequences? What you would have done if you were Suresh? Explain. (200 Words)
Although desire to achieve one’s ambition passionately is not a bad thing as it motivates one towards pursuing hard work and develop single minded concentration but, when such aspirations are colluded with idea of resorting to ‘any-how’ approach, it results in ugly turn.
This happened with the case of Ramesh who despite being brilliant student resort to cheating. He overlooked the path of honesty and hard work and betrayed the value of selfless service associated with such a noble profession.. Moreover, his father’s licensing action to his son’ illegal and unethical pursuits gave him a sort of ‘informal legitimacy’ to his actions. (family, parents -> primary actor in building moral ethical character)
Also, loopholes prevalent in examination system and safe prevalence of fraudulent practices encourage such unhealthy ambitions of person like Ramesh. Apart from this, excessive parental expectation creates untoward pressure that encourages this ‘ ‘anyhow’ approach.
If i were Suresh, i would have clearly attempted to explain my friend the consequences of such actions that though, at a first glance, might appear a safer option, yet can upturn the whole circumstances. I would have urged him to awake his moral conscience and burn midnight oil for achieving his ambition.
Also, i would have politely talked to his father to not encourage such fraudulent actions by his son that might spoil his career prospects forever and instead trust in his son’s capability by resorting to such actions, they are not only betraying ethics of his profession ,doing injustice to healthy competitors but playing with the public interest as large.
Your brother, who is living with you in Delhi away from your home in Kerala, desperately wants to clear civil services Preliminary exam is under lots of pressure. He was unable to clear preliminary exam in his last three attempts. Staying away from home for past five years, he desperately wanted to reassure his parents by passing civil services exam – at least the first stage. In the just released result of last year’s exam, you have secured a top rank. Your brother is both happy and tensed. Out of desperation he proposes you an idea to help him. Knowing that you have always been a good scorer in preliminary exam, he requests you to assist him during exam through a wireless device. He shows you small a device that can be hidden in his glasses which can send and receive messages without ever being noticed by the examiner. He assures you that it is safe and he or you would never be caught. You are also under pressure from your parents to help your brother. However they are unaware of your brother’s plan.
What are the different courses of action available to you and which one will you choose? Justify. (200 Words)
The different courses of action available to me are:
  1. Help the brother with his plan: Even though this might help him clear the exam but this step is immoral and illegal. My brother would tend to use such evil shortcuts every time he faces an obstacle. Using such a tool is a mockery of the hard work of millions of other candidates. Further this offence might end both of us in jail.
  2. Refuse his offer: It would send a right message that there cannot be any substitute to hard work. My brother might fail or pass but at the end of the day his integrity is maintained and our conscience satisfied.
  3. I can tell directly to my parents that he is forcing me to assist him in cheating, which can harm both of us. Probably, they will understand me
I would choose the second option. I would counsel him regarding the right strategy to be followed to pass the exam. I would advise my parents to not pressurize him, rather just motivate him. I would tell him that civil services is not the end of life and the dream of doing good for the society can be furnished via other means. I would put forward examples of many candidates who grabbed great ranks after failing in the first three attempts. Other than that i would register a police complaint that such tools are available in market and can be used to cheat. Thus they must be cautious for the same.



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