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One of your friends who is working as Assistant Professor in a top university is telling you that these days it’s common for girl students to wear short dress in university campus, which is a kind of “distraction and also “treat for young professors like him in the  class.

He goes on to say that this is the reason why many girls get raped these days. He also tells you that many rapes have taken place in university campus, but most of them have not been reported as it’s common in nearby police stations to not to register such cases. He says that police are right in refusing to register complaint as it is victim’s fault who invite attention of rapists by roaming late at night with boys.
How will you react to your friend’s opinions? Also analyse your friend’s opinion and examine why such opinions persist in society. (200 Words)
My friend’s opinion are based on assumption that wearing short dresses in class is the reason for rape as it invites the boy to rape her. I will advise him through following Conversation
” My friend you are working in the modern temples ,which clears the air of orthodoxy and invites the rational, scientific thinking. You should not have such outlook towards the opposite sex [women] which is based on Prejudice, stereotypes and wrong full assumptions.
Many of the women even girls under 3-5 years age are being reportedly raped, which means the dressing sense, short skirts are not responsible . Also it may be possible that In summers and long hectic schedule of class rooms and scorching temperature, she might have thought that Wearing shorts will soothe Her, as is the case with boys. I have seen you wearing shorts many a times during summers So what is wrong with her? Doing same thing.
Your presumption regarding Police in-action is also incorrect. Police also gets pressurised from top , to reduce the counts of FIR in NCRB or crime diary ,thus they avert writing the Report, in first place . Also in recent survey it was seen that Though every 20 min women is raped and most of time it is the person whom she know very well ,so she is hesitant in coming forward . Thus such genuine cases goes unreported However According to The Hindu Survey it was shown that this tool was used by Parent to track down their girl ,who eloped with whom she liked.
Overall your arguments is flawed , However i do stand with you that your opinion are  actually based on presumption and environment that have persisted in society degrading the status ,dignity of women. I hope that you will pursue the broad view, regarding the serious state of affairs . Since you are my friend and eminent teacher so you will convey this in class ,So that those boys/people have such narrow vision get also change the attitude towards the rarer sex.



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