Moral Attitude – UPSC Ethics

What do you understand by moral attitude? Discuss any four moral attitudes. (200 Words)

Attitude refers to the psychological tendencies that ensue while evaluating any entity. All attitudes may not have an element of morality. For example, if someone dislike snakes, this attitude has nothing to do with morality. whereas if someone dislike liars, the moral value that guides him is respect for truth
Moral Attitudes:
  • Goodness : Anything which is inherently bad even though may bring some positive effects can never be justified, as it is bad. Similarly if a good thing brings about suffering, it should be tolerated just because the thing is inherently good. Goodness of means and ends makes the deed really a good one
  • Reverence : One must hold reverence to all forms of life. Respect should not be limited to family members, peers, superiors but moral attitude should be such that one must be able to respect all forms of life and all kinds of good deeds
  • Faithfulness : The greatest thing that one can earn is trust of others. So being trustworthy and investing trust on others requires a positive disposition towards faith to be able to perform our roles in all spheres of life.
  • Tolerance: One must be able to accommodate diverging views, be able to behave morally with others whose views are diametrically opposite to that of ours. Lack of such attitude leads to fanatic behaviour leading to disputes, riots etc.



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