Link between salary and corruption – UPSC Ethics

Do you think increasing salary amount will help reduce corruption among public servants? In your opinion, what other measures will help curb corruption? Discuss. (150 Words)

Corruption that has its root in desire to give better life to the family, good education and health care facility, may get abated by increased salary if public servant has propensity to follow ethics and morality. But they will remain vulnerable to their desire, greed and temptation. As there is a story that once a milk man presented his poverty as an excuse for mixing water in milk. God gave him a lake of milk so that he can sell unadulterated milk. But due to old habit milkman asked God for a lake of water too!
Apart from higher salary following measures can be adopted:
  • Awareness of other human being : like how corruption hurts poor, empathy and compassion for poor, desire to make our nation a developed one.
  • Value inculcation : like dignity and self-respect which gets dented by an act of corruption; respect for rules and authorities
  • Administrative measures : like accountability through e-governance, enforcement, strengthening office of Lokpal, CVC, CIC and effective prosecution.
  • Incentives : awards and recognition to give honour and respect.
Higher salary will disincentivise corruption, not in isolation but in association with other measures.



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