IAS4Sure Prelims Guarantee Program 2018

Highlights of Prelims Guarantee Program:

  • Daily Targets for planned and disciplined preparation (Schedule)
  • Daily CA + Revision test of 5-8 MCQs
  • Includes complete Online Prelims Test Series (32 GS + 8 CSAT)
  • Includes IAS4Sure Notes via OneNote/Evernote (Worth Rs 3200)
  • Covers Mains syllabus also in an integrative manner
  • PGP candidates will be given support via IAS4Sure’s QEP and ERP after Prelims 2018
  • Number of Tests : 40 Tests (20 Section wise, 4 Section Revision, 8 Full Test + 8 CSAT Tests)
  • Timings : Flexible
  • Discussion : Telegram Group / WebEx
  • Fees : Rs 7,990
  • Full Schedule

Contact 9897588852 via Whatsapp/ Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.

Attempt Test 1 for free http://test.ias4sure.com/exams/ias4sure-prelims-2018-test-1/

Week 1 – Practice Questions for Mains based on Week 1 Targets


What is PGP 2018?

PGP is an attempt to provide a systematic pathway for ensuring complete and comprehensive preparation of CSE-2018 Prelims.

What is the objective of PGP 2018?

  • To ensure planned coverage of entire Prelims syllabus before 10th March 2018 with revision
  • To provide a detailed preparation schedule with daily targets to candidates preparing on their own
  • To test preparation level at regular intervals and rectify mistakes being made by One-on-One feedback
  • To ensure that mains and prelims preparation is done in an integrative manner
  • To ensure coverage of Mains syllabus before 10th March 2018 so that candidate can focus on Prelims from 10th March till 31st May 2018

How will this course benefit students?

  • Program is designed by experts keeping in mind changing pattern and increased competition level of Prelims exam.
  • Program will provide candidates daily targets with sources, expected outcome and crisp notes (already trusted by 1000s)
  • Program will cover each and every topic of syllabus and all sources needed to clear the exam like all NCERTs (new + old), Standard books, Map based questions, India Year Book, Economic Survey, Current Affairs (Institutions, S&T, Schemes etc.)
  • Program will ensure that candidate prepare for Mains in an integrative manner and finish Mains syllabus once by March 2018
  • Program is prepared in a manner that sufficient time if given for Mains and Optional preparation

How is this course different from other Prelims Test Series Program?

  • It is not just a simple test series but a complete package to crack Prelims exam
  • It will provide detailed targets, daily tests, summarised notes, apart from a Test Series
  • It includes a group discussion mechanism where you can get in touch with our experts directly and clear your doubts.

Where test will be conducted and how feedback will be provided?

  • Test will be conducted on standard online test platform.
  • Detailed explanation of each question will be provided in pdf format with sources of questions.
  • A detailed analysis of speed and time taken by the candidate will also be provided.
  • In addition to that relative performance of student with respect to other students will also be provided.
  • Feedback will also help students in analysing there performance over the period of test series.
  • Students can also clear their doubts in group discussion or via forum.

Will there be discussion after tests?

  • Yes. Discussions will be held in a systematic manner in small Whatsapp and Telegram groups.
  • The focus will be to improve conceptual clarity and develop capability to reach the correct answer by best utilising one’s knowledge.

How Tests are designed?

  • A lot of thought has gone in designing the schedule and coverage of each test.
  • The series will begin with NCERTs along with topics (viz. maps, schemes and committees) covering recent trends in CSE Prelims.
  • The tests will also balance between conventional portion and current affairs.
  • Each test has been designed keeping balance of different difficulty levels to enhance capability of each candidate to handle different types of question and instil confidence.
  • First 4 tests will be of Easy to Moderate difficulty level so that freshers are able to adjust to the study routine.

How Telegram discussions will take place?

  • Each student will be part of small Whatsapp group or telegram group.
  • Answer key along with explanation will be provided beforehand via online platform.
  • Doubts will be cleared in systematic and timely manner.
  • Students can also clear their doubts if there are any while following daily schedule.

Are the timings of the test flexible?

Yes, candidate can attempt the test based on their comfort.

How is PGP a complete and comprehensive preparation?

PGP program has been integrated with the  IAS4Sure Notes, Daily MCQs, Daily Targets, Daily Notes, IAS4Sure App.

Does targets includes Mains syllabus also?

  • Yes. Mains Targets will be given on weekly basis. Targets are given in a scientific manner so that your Prelims and Mains preparation can go simultaneously.
  • Plan will contain things to prepare for Prelims and Mains (GS 1, GS 2, GS3, GS4).
  • Schedule will cover all overlapping topics on prelims and mains well before Prelims exam and most of the mains topics also.

Will Mains Practice Questions be provided in this program?

Yes. We will release Mains practice questions for the topics covered in the past week.

Will any study material be provided in this program?

Yes. IAS4Sure Notes are trusted by 1000s of candidates. These notes will be provided as part of the program (Details here). Precise Value Add Notes will be given for relevant topics-Both Prelims and Mains (GS 1, GS 2, GS3, GS4). You can request for a demo by sending email to [email protected]

How Daily Targets will be given?

Please see “Daily Targets Initiative” here.

How Daily Tests will be given

Please see “Daily MCQs Initiative” here.

Till when this program will be valid?

  • Targets will be given till 15th May 2018.
  • However, you will have access to IAS4Sure Notes till Mains 2018.
  • These notes will be updated till Mains 2018
  • PGP subscribers will be given preference in our Mains only initiatives like QEP and ERP after Prelims.

203 thoughts on “IAS4Sure Prelims Guarantee Program 2018”

      1. Ok sir.I was a subscriber for your prelims 2017 but unfortunately my prelims exam didn’t went on my way due to lack of preparation and time as I am working full time.
        Looking forward with this new initiative as it seems very promising and dedicated effort for results.Thankyou for the initiative as I am depending completely on self study.

        1. We will be giving our 100% in these initiatives. We will also keep track of subscribers performance and clear their doubts time to time. We hope that it will lead to optimal preparation for guys like you who are at disadvantage due to lack of time and guidance. Thanks

  1. Sir.. Please release schedule the plan as early as possible.. I have to join either Insights Prelims Test Series or IASBaba ILP or your program … last year I had subscribed to IASBaba ILP and your notes.. I liked your notes and I am sure your PGP will be a very good program .. please provide all details so that I can join it.. Thanks a lot..

    1. Thanks for having faith in us. Lot of effort has gone into preparing detailed schedule and we are sure students will like this program. We will be releasing schedule shortly. Thanks

    1. Please check you email. We have shared demo on onenote. Mains target will be given in weekly manner. After every week, few Mains questions will be given to keep track of your preparation.

    1. They are not part of this program as it is not feasible in the program cost. We have separate program for them. We will be giving Mains Targets and Practice Questions Only in this Program.

  2. Akhil Sharath

    For PGP students will u upload current affairs (DAILY NOTES) on daily basis or weekly basis ????

  3. as we can see from the previous year MAINS Exam’s question papers UPSC
    asking current issues around key words of mains exam syllabus, and for
    effective preparation for mains one has to relate or form all possible
    Questions around the key word from current happening day to day basis,
    so my question is if this will be done by your team in your notes.

  4. Is there any programme where one can join the prelims test series without the CSAT tests (at a lesser cost)?

  5. Rachna Kaushal

    Keep it up guys….i have seen your notes,for this prelims(CSE 2017) i had followed your notes….was very helpful for prelims because your notes was limited and contained matter specifically for prelims unlike VISION,Insights and others notes which contains combined current affairs for both prelims and GS mains….Your current affairs(Daily Notes) was separate for prelims and mains and best thing about your notes was that they were in very organised manner….this is your uniqueness in industry….MAINTAIN THIS….i will be writing Mains this year….Hope your notes will help in the same way.

  6. what are the difference between DAILY NOTES and IAS4SURE NOTES, and is there any difference between the notes available on this website (daily basis) and of one’s one note’s account notes ?

  7. Atish Bhardwaj

    Sir,there is some problem in my one note(Windows Issue)….Is there any other platform where i can have access to your notes?

  8. epfonew@ gmail.com
    ..plz send me demo note…
    i am failing prelims for many years….i want to crack this this time at any condition

  9. I love my India

    Is there preference or concession for Last year subscription of 2017 full program.As I subscribed.

  10. Deepak Zutshi

    So … have you got anybody here from iasbaba …???
    Forcefully you messaged your link to so many candidids on iasbaba commrnts…hope you can fetch/steal some students from there ….

  11. Sir today first time I have come to this platform looks promising so I am thinking to buy the PGP for Prelims 2018, can you please share your few notes at [email protected]. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing demo notes I found very helpful,you guys really did best, Now I am feeling confident after enroll in your PGP for Prelims 2018 plan.

  12. will you cover full syllabus of mains topic wise, like all relevant ARC REPORTS for GS-2, Ethics papers topics, case studies, world histories etc.in your notes.

      1. Where we have to share the onenote id? Can we simple send it to this mail id or is there any separate procedure for that?

  13. Hello 🙂 I just wanted to enroll for mains , i have seen your organised onenote/evernote topic and issue wise , all under one hood. What is the cost for mains only programme ?
    Kindly share demo video on my evernote id – [email protected]
    looking forward to join it 🙂

  14. Hello,
    I want to join your PGP program 2018. I want to see some sample notes.
    Please share
    my evernote id – [email protected]
    and please tell me complete cost for pre+ mains+ test series + notes

  15. Gaurav Satsangi

    Hello I am interested in ypur PGP 2018 programme…my evernote id [email protected]..
    please share your sample notes..will this also cover the mains 2018 initiative..please give the details of that too

    1. Shared. We will give targets for Mains also. Our notes cover all current related topics of Mains syllabus and basics of GS4. These notes will be shared in this initiative.

      1. Kindly response, i have enrolled for PGP 2018 but neither able to give tests nor i have received any notes link from your side. Kindly show some professionalism and reply.
        I have clicked on the activation mail which is showing that url has been expired .After doing registration with the same email ID i am not been able to view any tests or notes or docs.

  16. Sir , I am interested in PGP, I have a doubt can you correct answers of mains questions,that you provided.

    1. No. Checking all answers will not be possible at this cost as it is a year long program. However, you can send us some of your answers and get general tips on your area of weakness and strength

  17. ias4sure, day before yesterday i had paid 3279.06 pos 504492070015258 but till there is no sign of getting notes, what bother me alot not even a single communication from your side and assurance… i request your tem kindly resolve my problem as soon as possible…

    1. Hi.. we have been trying to reach you on the email you provided while making payment i.e. [email protected] .. we have sent 2 emails … It seems you entered wrong email. We have also tried to contact you on the number you provided but that number is neither on whatsapp nor on telegram.

      We need your Onenote/Evernote ids to share notes. Please provide these ids and we will share notes.

  18. sir, this is second time i am going to give mains. i had used your notes on international organisation , they were so organised that i got everything in 1-2 reading. but i was not knowing that it is also a site. actually i have downloaded it from any random site. i want to see your other gs note. please send it to evernote [email protected].

  19. Please share your notes with id [email protected].
    For a long time I have been thinking of joining your PGP programme ..But many times I found your website not working properly which stops me investing my money into here …Please confirm the situation , so that I could proceed further.

    1. Is it your evernote id or onenote id?

      Our website was under attack by someone, so it went down intermittently for few days. But we have alternative sources of communication like Telegram Channel to provide all required details. So you don’t need to worry about that.

    2. have u joined pgp programme and are they regular in their updates i m also planning to join but they are dead on site..


    Hello I am interested in ypur PGP 2018 and mains both programme…my evernote id [email protected]
    please share your sample notes..will this also cover the mains 2018 initiative..please give the details of that too

  21. sir/maam i have paid the money 3200 for prelims plus mains but there is no reply. i have tried contacting via whtsap, mail?… is this site genuine?

  22. I want to know k material provided thru evernote under Rupees 3200 vala plan and Material under pgp initiative both are different?

  23. When will the tests be in sync with the plan? Mains questions not uploaded, test are being uploaded very very late, or may the team has forgotten the services they were suppose to render for the money. Are you guys even serious regarding the plan? If no, I request a refund.

  24. Aseet Ansuman

    purchased class for 350+ government schemes through mindmaps from flavido, didnot got lecture 2 notes. contacted flavido they said contact ias for sure. my mail id is [email protected]. please help

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