IAS4Sure Quality Enhancement Program 2017

Highlights of Quality Enhancement Program:

  • Detailed feedback with mentor support
  • Systematic and transparent marking
  • Actionable and candid feedback rather than generic feedback of other coaching test series
  • Not getting timely and good feedback in other test series, get them reviewed here
  • Test Starts : 3rd July 2017
  • Number of Tests : Flexible
  • Timings : Flexible
  • Discussion : One-on-One over phone
  • Number of Seats : Admission Closed
  • Fees :
    1. For One Test (10 Qs) : Pay Rs 600 here
    2. For Six Tests : Pay Rs 3000 here (Rs 600 discount)
    3. For Ten Tests: Pay Rs 6000 (IAS4Sure Notes worth Rs 2600 will be given for free with this.)

Contact 9897588852 via Whatsapp/ Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.

Tests :

You can write any one of the tests below and send us for review. OR you can send us your answers written in other test series.


What is the objective of QEP 2017?

  • This program is designed to ensure improvement in quality and bring value addition in your answers so that 1-2 mark can be improved in each question and overall 80-150 marks in 4 papers. The aim is to focus on these marks and maximise score.
  • Providing Mentor Support via Email and Telephone to students who need any help in preparation.
  • Ensuring quality enhancement over the Tests so that there is marked difference in performance leading to an increase in Marks in the UPSC Mains Examination.

Who should join this program?

  • Freshers who are going to write mains for the first time.
  • Senior candidates who are stuck in average marks band of 80-95 in their GS papers and want to reach 110-120 range
  • Aspirants who are preparing on their own and do not have access to proper guidance.

How is this course different from other Mains Test Series Program?

  • Purpose of any test series is to get different types of question, write answers, get feedback and improve one’s answer writing style as per the requirement of exam in order to maximise marks. Most of the test series do provide good quality of question but they fail to provide quality feedback in a sustainable manner. This often defeats the purpose of improvement in answers.
  • QEP program aims to provide quality and systematic feedback on various aspects of answer viz. content, presentation, structure, simplicity etc. This will help student to assess their shortcomings and guide them in the direction of improvement. We will be following a systematic and transparent marking formula in our feedback. See below.
  • Additionally QEP will focus on Value addition. In this focus will be on ensuring that students know how to use facts, examples, case studies etc. How to make diagrams and thus add value to answer. This will help in extracting 1-2 marks in many question and thus maximising marks.
  • Every topic needs a different writing style for ex. IR answers must contain three dimensions Bilateral, Regional, Global. Geography answers must contain physical, economic and human aspect along with proper diagrams. Similarly, each subject needs a different style. These aspects will be addressed in QEP in order to equip students with right approach. Focus would be more on such things rather than blindly writing and giving random feedback like “Give more Examples”, “Write in Short Sentences”, “This sentence could be better” etc. which does not help in any improvement whatsoever.

What marking formula will be followed in QEP?

We will be considering mainly 3 things while evaluating an answer i.e.:

  • Content: Answer will be ranked on a scale of 0 to 3
  • Presentation: Answer will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 3
  • Simplicity: Answer will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 3

Marks will be given by forumla :

Total Marks = Content x (Presentation + Simplicity) x 0.5

For Ex:

  1. Content = 0, then marks will be “Zero bata Sannata” i.e. 0
  2. Content = 1,
    1. Then min marks will be 1 x (1+1) x 0.5 i.e. 1
    2. Then max marks will be 1 x (3+3) x 0.5 i.e. 3
  3. Content = 2,
    1. Then min marks will be 2 x (1+1) x 0.5 i.e. 2
    2. Then max marks will be 2 x (3+3) x 0.5 i.e. 6
  4. Content = 3,
    1. Then min marks will be 3 x (1+1) x 0.5 i.e. 3
    2. Then max marks will be 3 x (3+3) x 0.5 i.e. 9

This will help candidate get an objective idea about his/her answer quality and see which aspect of answer is weakest.

How will this course benefit students?

  • Quality and effective feedback to help students in improving answers
  • Tips on value addition
  • Personalized attention
  • Help students in improving 1-2 marks in each question

How the feedback will be given?

Feedback will be given via detailed comments on PDF. See example below. After this, a One-on-One phone call will be arranged to point out areas of improvement.

(Please download these files and open in PDF reader to read comments. Do not open in browser. Comment will not be readable in browser) :

In how many days feedback will be given?

Feedback will be given within 48 hours of your submission of tests.

How One-to-One discussion will take place?

Discussion is key for improvement. We will give you time to analyse our comment on your tests. After that, you can drop an email/message to schedule a call. Our faculty will call you on scheduled time.

What are the timings of the test?

There is no fixed time. Students can write as per their will. But, it is expected that students will adhere to time limits.

What is the procedure to take test?

Procedure is as follows:

  1. Download one test paper from below (Will be released on 2nd July. You can choose any paper.). You can also send your answers other than these test papers. If you have written answers in other test series, you can also send them.
  2. Write answers on A4 sheets with proper margins (As you would do in Exam hall)
  3. Stick to time limits while writing tests.

I have written many tests/answers in other test series and on my own, can I send them for review?

Yes. There is no restriction. You can send us any answer you have written in recent past. It can be from some other institute’s test series.

How to submit my test for review?

Procedure is as follows:

  1. Click photo of all pages by your mobile camera (It is better to use CamScanner App)
  2. Convert these photos to a PDF by CamScanner App
  3. Make payment from link below.
  4. Send this pdf to us along with payment proof.

How to Join this program?

  1. For One Test (10 Qs) : Pay Rs 600 here
  2. For Six Tests : Pay Rs 3000 here (Rs 600 discount)
  3. For Ten Tests: Pay Rs 6000 (IAS4Sure Notes worth Rs 2600 will be given for free with this.)


Contact 9897588852 via Whatsapp/ Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.

46 thoughts on “IAS4Sure Quality Enhancement Program 2017”

  1. Why 10Qs per test, and not full length tests. Also, if i send full paper of other institute(with full 20Qs), then it is taken as two tests?
    I know the purpose is not quantity, but quality feedback and improvement, still this clarification would help.

    1. 10Qs are enough to understand writing skills and level of improvement. However, it is not fixed and if we get more such requests from candidate, we will increase it to full length tests.

      For now, 1 Test = 10 Questions from anywhere. In case you are sending some other institutes full length paper, you can let us know which 10 answers to review.

  2. Thank you sir for bringing this innovative initiative .. baki coaching wale sara paisa le lete hain pehle hi aur fir feedback dete nai .. last year I had joined Vision Mains Test Series … I could write 3-4 tests only .. sara paisa waste chala gaya ..
    I will be joining this initiative for sure ..

  3. Hey, What about ethics tests? How much would you charge for evaluating 6 case studies and remaining questions?

  4. Is there any option for discussion to be face to face or on video calling?
    Please reply if its possible

  5. Sir,i am targeting for Mains 2018….should i join your QEP MAINS Programme?
    CSE 2018 will be my first attempt.
    Please suggest

  6. Is it possible to join QEP Mains 2017 Programme for working professional?
    Can i give tests in Evening hours?
    Please reply asap.

    1. We take about 1.5 hour to evaluate 10 questions. This is needed to give quality feedback. There is a limitation to answer checking. It takes time. That is the reason most of the coaching are not able to give quality feedback.

      Also, You join a Test Series with 25 tests for say 18k. But, you will never be able to write 25 Tests due to one reason or other. Hence, don’t calculate costs on this basis.

      Hope you understand.

    1. Harshit Gupta

      Hi Rashi
      Insights is starting 70 days ethics plan in which they would provide for both the source and questions based on it.
      I think it’s good to follow.

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