PGP 2018 – Mains Practice Questions – Week 1

Q.1) The Industrial Revolution was an era during which principally agrarian, rural societies in Europe and America became industrialized. Discuss.

Q.2) Recently 14th President of India was elected. Discuss the qualification, nomination process, system of election involved in Presidential election in India.

Q.3) Highlight the importance of coastal security to India. Discuss the architecture of coastal security in India.

Q.4) What do you understand by the following terms:

(i) Integrity

(ii) Commitment

Discuss their importance in context of Public service.

Q.5) Measures for assuring transparency and accountability have been built in the MGNREGA Scheme. Analyse.

Q.6) NITI Aayog has unveiled a grand plan to effectively privatize district hospitals. The Proposed PPP model in district hospitals will improve access but may not deliver equitable care. Comment.

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