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  • Trusted by >2000 aspirants.
  • Suggested by toppers.
  • Repository of all Current Based Notes you need for UPSC preparation.
  • Topic wise arranged notes for easy access.
  • Loaded with Facts and Examples for each topic.
  • Accessible via OneNote or Evernote which works in offline mode too.
  • Available on mobile also. Read same notes on move.

Contact 6397107065 via Whatsapp / Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.

See this video to understand better:


What all sources are covered in “IAS4Sure Notes”?

  • Newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Live Mint etc.
  • PIB
  • Government Websites
  • Monthly magazines
  • Yojana etc
  • NOTE: Static portion is not covered in these notes.

How to optimally utilize IAS4Sure notes?

  • IAS4Sure notes should become your personal Wikipedia. If you want to read about something, use search functionality of OneNote/EverNote and read 2-3 notes that pops-up related to that topic.
  • Use recent Notes functionality to keep a tab on latest changes in notes.
  • Try to use various facts, examples, case studies etc. given in notes. We try to provide a small footnote where to use them.

Do I need to read newspaper if I am a subscriber of IAS4Sure Notes?

IAS4Sure Notes will cover everything which comes up in newspaper, PIB etc. You can rely on it. But, still reading one good newspaper is advisable as it has many other benefits, like:

  • It brings broader understanding of a topic with multiple views/counter views
  • It improves your reading speed and analytical capability.
  • It improves your comprehension ability.
  • It inculcates mature writing style.

Is there any difference between Evernote and OneNote access?

No. Same notes are provided in both. Both are free softwares. Interface is different in both of them. So, you can choose according to your linking. We will share demo notes in both of them and you can choose according to your preference. Final notes will be shared either in Onenote or Evernote. Note: OneNote sometimes does not work in Pirated windows. So, please ensure that it is working before making payment.

Are these notes updated daily?

No, we do not update daily. We update our notes every 2-3 days. In worst case, they are updated weekly.

I am not aware of Evernote/OneNote, what should I do?

Don’t Worry. We will help you out. Both these are free software and are widely used by UPSC aspirants. You can download them from here:

After, they are installed, create an account in them. You can use your gmail id to open account.

Please provide us your ONENOTE / EVERNOTE id after payment. If any doubt, ping us at number given below.

Note: These notes would be READ ONLY. You will not be able to edit these notes. However, you can copy them or covert them into PDF from OneNote. (It is a cloud based system and edit by one will sync to all. Since we have many subscribers, edit by all will lead to chaos as everyone would like to add his/her notes.)


If you have any queries than you can contact us at 6397107065 (whatsapp/telegram only).

424 thoughts on “WikiIAS – IAS4Sure Notes Subscription”

  1. Parminder Singh

    will the notes contain only the current based material for mains or the static mains material is available as well like in gs1, Rpa , definitions of various terms like globalization, land reforms etc??

          1. Demo notes cover Governance and security of GS2 and GS3. Our prelims notes are also shared in same manner. Demo is shared to show you how evernote/onenote works.

          2. this is kind request you to kindly share prelims note so that i will get complete idea about notes then accordingly i have to join ias4sure any program so that i can improve my chances of selection with better guidance.

  2. Gaurav Satsangi

    Will you be providing the notes in PDF format also?? Evernote or onenote is difficult to access all the time

  3. i just went through your demo notes. They are quite concise and well arranged. This significantly reduces burden of scrambling through sources. Only suggestion i would give is when updating any topic remove redundant information ( eg. do not mention the background info again if already mentioned on top) and keep the notes clean and to the point.

    Looking forward to subscribe the notes 🙂

  4. Aayush Choudhary

    Hello Sir,
    Good to hear about your initiative. Could you please share some sample notes so that I can get first hand idea.
    And one more thing, how would i know what you have added for the day. Say some news of 18th August would contain GS1 GS2 or GS3 related news. You will post them in respective sections. SO am i suppose to go and check that any new news have been added in the sections or do we get the days news at one place.

    Thank You.
    Email id: [email protected]

      1. ok…will the notes be available post pre 2018 ? and does the PGP 2018 plan include mains answer writing + feedback or should it be paid separately

        1. Yes. Notes will be updated till Mains 2018. PGP does not include Mains Feedback. We will give Mains practice Questions. After pre 2018, PGP students will get priority in our Mains initiatives as we have very limited seats in our Mains initiatives.

  5. Shubham Pachauri

    Sir, do we get prelims specific notes in a different section, other than GS 1,2,3,4 and are they subdivided in sub-sections as history, geography, s&t etc?

  6. Kindly response, i have enrolled for PGP 2018 but neither able to give tests nor i have received any notes link from your side. Kindly show some professionalism and reply.
    I have clicked on the activation mail which is showing that url has been expired .After doing registration with the same email ID i am not been able to view any tests or notes or docs.

  7. Hi..i got the demo notes…but they are not arranged by GS – 1, 2, 3, 4…will they be arranged only in one note (i wanted in evernote) ? or the arrangement available only if we buy the notes ?

  8. Shyam Sundar Saha

    I am shyam from WB, i am interested in your prelims + mains notes 2018. plz send me demo notes in pdf file or any download link .
    to [email protected]
    looking forward to your reply.

    1. We don’t provide only Mains notes as Prelims Notes are also important for Mains. Various factual things like Scheme names, Committees, Events etc can be used in Mains answers as good fodder points.

  9. Captain Salazar

    Was reading ias4sure notes of govt schemes and international organisations. I must say.. BEST IN THE MARKET. Would like to see more notes from Ias4sure in simplified form.

  10. I rece paid for 2018 notes but I need 2019 notes. Do I have to pay separately or I can get an upgrade by paying extra ₹1,000?

  11. Thank you IAS4Sure for your efficient approach. I am a working professional. It was almost impossible for me to cover current affairs in chronological manner. Such good notes at such affordable price is truly a bliss for me. Thanks a lot.

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