Essay Review Program 2017

Highlights of Essay Review Program:

  • Test Starts : 3rd July 2017
  • Number of Tests : Flexible
  • Timings : Flexible
  • Discussion : One-on-One over phone
  • Number of Seats : Admission Closed in Second Batch
  • Fees :
    1. For One Test : Pay Rs 600 here
    2. For Six Tests : Pay Rs 3000 here (Rs 600 discount)

Contact 9897588852 via Whatsapp/ Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.

You can send these essays for review or any essay which you have written, even from other test series

Tests :


Why should one join an Essay Review Program?

Essay is often the most ignored aspect of Mains exam despite being one of the easiest paper with highest ROI. Essay can fetch you as high as 160 and as low as 60. Therefore it can make you as well as break you. Therefore right strategy and a balanced writing style is essential to score more. This needs practice and proper feedback which only a good review program can give.

What is the objective of IAS4Sure’s Essay Review Program?

  • This program is designed to give you quality and actionable feedback on your essays and suggest areas of improvement.
  • Providing Mentor Support via Phone and Email to students who need any help in preparation.
  • Ensuring quality enhancement over the Tests so that there is marked difference in performance leading to an increase in Marks in the UPSC Mains Examination.

Who should join this program?

  • Freshers who have no idea about Essay writing
  • Senior candidates who are not able to improve their scores in past attempts.
  • Aspirants who are preparing on their own and do not have access to proper guidance.

How is this course different from other Essay Classes?

We all have different writing styles and it is very difficult to understand pitfalls in our own writing and change the style. This change is a gradual process and it requires honest feedback. Our objective is to provide very candid feedback via comments rather than giving generic feedback like “Include Examples”, “Make short Para” etc. Each comment of ours will provide you a new perspective to think over which ultimately should lead to increased scores.

How the feedback will be given?

Feedback will be given via detailed comments on PDF. See example below. After this, a One-on-One phone call will be arranged to point out areas of improvement.

Some of the essays that we reviewed are (Please download these files and open in PDF reader to read comments. Do not open in browser. Comment will not be readable in browser) :

In how many days feedback will be given?

Feedback will be given within 48 hours of your submission of tests.

How One-to-One discussion will take place?

Discussion is key for improvement. We will give you time to analyse our comment on your essays. After that, you can drop an email/message to schedule a call. Our experts will call you on scheduled time.

What are the timings of the test?

There is no fixed time. Students can write as per their will. But, it is expected that students will adhere to time limits.

What is the procedure to take test?

Procedure is as follows:

  1. Download one test paper from below (Will be released on 2nd July. You can choose any paper. But, it is advisable to choose in order). You can also send your Essays other than these test papers. If you have written essay in other test series, you can also send them.
  2. Write 2 essays on A4 sheets with proper margins (As you would do in Exam hall)
  3. Stick to time limits while writing tests.

I have written many essays in other test series and on my own, can I send them for review?

Yes. There is no restriction. You can send us any essay you have written in recent past. It can be from some other institute’s test series.

How to submit my test for review?

Procedure is as follows:

  1. Click photo of all pages by you camera (It is better to use CamScanner App)
  2. Convert these photos to a PDF by CamScanner App
  3. Make payment from link below.
  4. Send this pdf to us along with payment proof.

How to Join this program?

  1. For One Test : Pay Rs 600 here
  2. For Six Tests : Pay Rs 3000 here (Rs 600 discount)


Contact 9897588852 via Whatsapp/ Telegram or email to [email protected] if you have any query.

11 thoughts on “Essay Review Program 2017”

  1. Shweta Raksha

    Thank you .. was waiting for this initiative … your Essay Marks Booster compilation is awesome .. please release more such pdfs .. should I pay now or wait for 2nd July?

    1. You can pay now. We have limited seats as we dont want to overburden ourselves and later reduce quality of feedback. Sooner you join, better it is.

      Yes. We will be releasing more such PDFs with tips to increase essay score this time.

  2. Nice to see the feedback on the PDFs. Could you kindly share a couple of these for GS as well, will be of good help in deciding.
    Also, joining 10 tests means we can give GS or essay either?

    1. We have misplaced GS review PDFs from last year. Will be able to post them after program starts. But, format will be same as in Essay Review Program.

      No, QEP and ERP are different. 10 Tests there means 10 Tests for GS.

  3. I had sent my essays for review 6 days back along with the payment receipt but haven’t got any response till now. On your website you had explicitly written that a review will be given within 48 hours. But I don’t see that happening. Please take care of this.

  4. is there any deadline for joining this series???
    and if i want to send only one essay then can i send any time ???

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