Civil Services and its Values

Tolerance – UPSC Ethics

Tolerance essentially means acceptance of ”differences”. It is one of the most important fundamental value on which values of love and respect are premised. The importance of tolerance is felt more in a diverse-democratic social set-up of the contemporary times , where people have authority over ‘voice’ and choice’. Intolerance in Politics have promoted disruption …

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Values needed to deal with criminals – UPSC Ethics

Hate crimes  in India and around the world are increasing. There are people who hate you for no reasons. For an administrator, which qualities are very important to deal with haters and carry on their public service normally? Discuss. (150 Words) The core of public services is to bring out positive change on the socio-economic landscape. And …

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Non Partisan Public Service – UPSC Ethics

What are the characteristics of a non-partisan public service? Non-Partisan public service must have the following characteristics: Public servants must be able to perform their duties and responsibilities in the most impartial manner, without fear and favour. Recruitment, hiring, transfer, postings and promotions must be without undue political influence, based only on merit and performance. …

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