Example: Disproportionate and excessive use of lethal force against protesters outside the Sterlite Copper Plant. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And lack of absolute power corrupts absolutely as well.” With suitable examples, critically comment on the statement. (150 Words) We humans are power hungry by our own nature. So rulers, bureaucrats and lower functionaries in government …

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Indian Values

Role of Spiritual Leaders and Indian Values: Spiritual leaders in the country could play a vital in removing corruption and promoting environmental protection. We consider nature as mother not for carrying us but to serve her. There is a tradition of even giving up lives for the sake of trees in the country. Even before …

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Teacher-Student relation

Issue: A rise in the number of cases of sexual assault and misbehaviour with girl students. Many teachers have been suspended from service. The Education Department was chalking out a plan to hold special sessions for teachers to curb the trend.

Work Culture

What do you understand by “work culture‟? How does work culture in India differs from that of West’s? Examine. (150 Words) Work Culture or Organization Culture is set of collective beliefs, values, rules and behaviour which organisation as whole conforms to. In a layman approach it is culture that a group as an organisation follows. Culture …

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Work Ethics

It is often reported in news that honest officers who expose scams or who go after the corrupt are frequently transferred to ‘not so good’ posts. This causes a sort of mental harassment to the officer and to his family too. Will you be ready to face such frequent transfers to uphold law and impart …

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Work Life Balance

You are working as district collector. Your wife, who is a housewife,  is angry that you spend more time with the public and in office doing government work rather than spending time with her. She is also not happy with the fact that you are not even talking to children these days because of your …

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a) In your opinion, in India, what barriers exist for women to showcase their talents in different fields? Critically discuss (150 Words) b) One of your friends keep arguing that because he is used to seeing his mother doing all household works, he expects the same from his wife, or from his sister when she …

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  Honesty Integrity Impartiality Respect for Law Respect for people Diligence Economy and Effectiveness Responsiveness Accountability    


Do you think the actions of a soldier committed during war time such as killing of terrorists, or collateral damage such as killing of innocent civilians is ethical? It is known fact that many soldiers who return from war suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). What should be the role of family and society in …

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Whistleblower Protection

Critically examine why the presence of functioning whistleblower  protection regime is important in public administration in India. (200 Words) Whistle Blower is anyone providing undisclosed information to expose wrongdoings and corruption. As emphasis on transparency and accountability increases acts of whistle-blowing too need to be encouraged and a protection regime needs to be institutionalized . …

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