India’s stand in Ukraine Russia crisis – UPSC GS4

From ethics point of view, Ukraine-Russia conflict has created a serious dilemma for Indian Government.
  • India has taken a neutral stand and has abstained from all resolutions against Russia.
  • Major dilemmas are:
    • Why India cannot go against Russia?
      • Russia is an old time tested friend and geo strategically very important for India.
      • Russia had supported India on various issues in UNSC and militarily.
      • If India go against Russia, China / Pakistan might take benefit of the situation.
      • India needs Russia’s support in UNSC to counter China/ Pakistan.
      • Ukraine has supported Pakistan in UNSC and militarily.
    • Why India should go against Russia?
      • India is the largest democracy and advocate of free world. Hence, world looks up to India for taking side in favour of free world.
      • Human rights violations.
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