Non Partisan Public Service – UPSC Ethics

What are the characteristics of a non-partisan public service?

Non-Partisan public service must have the following characteristics:
  • Public servants must be able to perform their duties and responsibilities in the most impartial manner, without fear and favour.
  • Recruitment, hiring, transfer, postings and promotions must be without undue political influence, based only on merit and performance.
  • Strict separation of policy decisions and execution without overlapping and interference.
  • Prohibiting party affiliations and contributions by public servants which are done to get undue favours later. For ex. Constitution prohibits the CAG to take up government job after retirement
  • Providing well examined and objective advice to ministers for best outcomes and results thus maintaining Political Neutrality.
  • Working with the same zeal, passion and commitment towards previous schemes and projects upholding Programme Neutrality.
  • Resolve conflict of interests as and when they arise in an ethical and moral manner.
  • Provide same quality of public service to people of all caste, creed, region and religion maintaining non-partisanship.



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