Selfless Service – UPSC Ethics

What do you understand by “selfless service”? Should a civil servant serve the society selflessly? Critically comment. (200 Words)

A person who doesn’t keep the thought in mind while carrying out his/her duties ” what is there in it for me” ; is considered as selfless service. It was clearly explained in Bhagwad Gita by the sloka ” Karmannevadhikaraste ma falesu kadachana” that means the we should keep doing our action without worrying about the rewards.
A civil servant is supposed to carry out his/her duties selflessly due to following reason: Selfless service keep the civil servant away from any kind of corruption. A selfless civil servant can maintain absolute integrity because it is difficult to lure him/her by offering monetary or non-monetary gains to get some undue favor.
Selfless person will always keep the public interest in mind while carrying out the duties. Expectation of selflessness from civil servant doesn’t provide the ground for denial of rewards for her performance. It the rewards in terms of pay, promotion and public appreciation which can differentiate between the performer, mediocre and non-performer. Better remuneration, timely promotion and rewards for carrying duties beyond the obligations make the spirit of selflessness and public service more sustainable. Therefore any public service management policy should keep all these thing in mind.



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