What is needed to ensure Probity in Governance? – UPSC Ethics

In your opinion, what is an important requisite for ensuring probity in governance? Justify. (200 Words)

Probity in governance is the most important aspect for the effective and efficient administration. It leads to the effective implementation of the laws and regulations and creates discipline among the public officials. But in India, there is indiscipline among the higher public authority. In fact, the higher the position the lower is the respect for the rules and regulation. This creates wide indiscipline among public officials and leads to corruption.
To ensure Probity in governance measure to be taken are-
  1. To create a code of conduct of every office under the government based on the principle of selflessness, openness, transparency, accountability, integrity and objectivity. Along with this, there should be scrutiny mechanism and time to time training of officials so that they adhere to these principles.
  2. Strengthening of the Whistleblowers act- There should be provisions for unanimity of whistleblower and incentives for the disclosing a corruption.
  3. Making civil servants personally liable for their malafide acts. Since in present time discretion is increasing to use the government resources so it is necessary to make public official personally liable for misuse of government resources. This will decrease the cases of nepotism, favouritism etc.
  4. Keeping CBI and CVC out of political influences and implementing the strong Lokpal act.
Along with these measures, whenever a corruption case is found it should be dealt with severity and mercilessly. Prosecution should be fast and it has to be ensured that corrupt officials go to jail.
These measures will increase the probity in governance and this will increase developmental processes and improve the socio-economic condition of society.



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