Should Fairness creams be banned? – UPSC Ethics


Advertising companies exploit the human psychology, preference of white skin by many of us. Promoting white skin and in the process making black skin an inferior state has adverse effect on society. It hurts the dignity of people with black skin. It upsets social unity, cohesion and fraternity.
But unlike Liquor, cigarette, hate speech, child pornography which creates problem after consumption and exposure, desire for white skin is already present inside us. So a ban in this case will not be effective. Moreover whatever has been banned till date continues to find its way to the people. Here we need change in our values and thinking. People must be made to reflect on this moral issue and listen to their conscience. Sense of equality must be aroused among people.
Treating people equally is morally uplifting; it boosts dignity and self-respect. Actress Kangna Ranaut refused to advertise for a fairness cream siting our value system. More such persuasion technique should be used by various personalities.
We should aspire for ban on thinking dark skin to be inferior. Perhaps such a ban will yield result.



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