Sexual Harassment – UPSC Ethics

You are working as an head of a private software firm. As its head, what measures will you take (apart from government mandated measures) to ensure safe working place for women and completely stop sexual harassment of women workers. (150 Words)

Women, a very important part of society. Nowadays they are affected by the sexual harassment in their work places. As a head of a private software firm, it is my responsibility to appropriate measures to stop the sexual harassment.
The measures could be:
  1. Put a common notice to the employees that a very strict action will be taken if any person has caught red handed committing such illegal activity or if the complaint against the person is found to be true after investigating.
  2. CCTV should be placed at their work places and at the transportation facilities (for e.g. Cab),  GPS tracking of cabs
  3. Formal complaint box will be kept in working place to get the complaints if women is hesitated to inform.
  4. If any women do night shift, then special transport facility is to be provided equipped with groups system
  5. Use of apps which can be used by women to seek help and raise alerts
  6. Periodically organise workshops and trainings to sensitize men on women safety and harassment issues, prompt them to report the matter ,complaint etc.
Awareness campaigns: Seminar, Leaflets etc.
    • generate awareness about what all constitutes as sexual harassment and what are legal provisions
    • Case studies from other organisations
    • Creating awareness among women employees about their rights and about procedures and legal remedies they have in an event of such incidents
Women Support groups in the organisation



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