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What does success mean to you? Should one take risks in life and fearlessly chase their dreams to achieve success or should they be content with what they already have? Comment. (200 Words)
Success is a sense of achievement which gives pleasure, satisfaction and pride to an individual. Like Truth & God, success too has a very wide range of definitions. This definition vary as per the physical, emotional and psychological need of every person and can vary up to the senses poles apart. For me success is an ongoing process which will keep changing with every passing day & achievements. Few years back getting good marks was success. Then getting a job was success. Today Civil Service is way to achieve success. Few years down the line some other task will be on priority. But in reality all these are just milestones & not success in nut shell.
For me real success is to have a life which has a purpose, enthusiasm to go ahead, good health & sense of fulfilment achieved by meaningful deeds. Life always offers chances. It’s up to us if we take them up or remain content with what we have. Again there is no doctrine or rule of law available to follow. Whatever we do, stay back or go should have a natural choice & no sense of fear involved. Life is not to be lived in categorical fashion .It involves taking risk and chasing dreams fearlessly as well as content with what a person has. Taking risk and chasing dreams fearlessly should not lead one to adopt unethical means .For ex- Insurgent may have legitimate dreams but violent means to pursue them is illegitimate in democracy.
Moreover without taking risk even civilization would not have progressed, how could a person grow. For ex- Discovery of India by Vasco de Gama was only possible when he took the risk and chased his dream fearlessly.
Life is all about progression. We have to understand that “there is no free lunch in this world.” Big successes require big risks and big sacrifices. Without risk there can be no success or no life simply. However taking risk should not be construed as being occupied in unrealistic pursuits of life or being in a fool’s paradise but it’s about taking RATIONALISED risks; after due deliberation and brainstorming; considering all relevant factors like self-confidence, self-competence, pragmatism, out-of-the-box thinking and inputs from experienced wits etc.
Note : Answer provides only fodder points. It’s a very subjective topic.



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