Sting Operation – UPSC Ethics

Do you think “sting operations and leaking of information which are being reported in media these days are ethical? In a democracy, are leaks the best way of providing that information? Critically examine and justify your answer. (200 Words)

Sting Operation is artificially creating a scenario wherein the target person is put into a situation where he commits something which is crime in natural scenario. For e.g. persuading someone to accept bribe but at the same time recording the whole episode.
Sting operations are neither acceptable in any court nor it is ethical to conduct on any person. It is unethical because, persuasion to do something wrong is also a wrong. Not accepted in any court because, there is no surety that, a person would have commit crime in natural scenario.
Leaking information is both ethical and unethical depending on situation. Leaking documents for public awareness or exposing a crime is ethical. Hiding the identity of leaker is also right to provide her protection and privacy. But at the same time leaking document with the intent of revenge, leaking crime related document of which the leaker was also a part earlier to expose others and hiding herself, defaming someone with doctored or edited version etc. Such leaking are unethical.
In democracy, Leaks are not correct way because, it is destructive way toward progress. It erodes faith, trust and sense of responsibility among people and evokes distrust and condemn attitude toward whole system. If a person from one department is exposed, whole department earns bad name. Bending toward personal benefit is human nature, best is to ensure that no one has free hand to do corruption and if done then will be penalised. Such steps are progressive in democracy. This can be achieved by more open, transparent, panel based decision.



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