Uniting for Consensus (UFC) group – UPSC Prelims

  • Uniting for Consensus (UFC) group is an informal club that developed at the UN in the 1990s.
  • The group developed in opposition to the possible expansion of permanent seats in the United Nations Security Council.
  • Under the leadership of Italy, it aims to counter the bids for permanent seats proposed by G4 nations (Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan) and is calling for a consensus before any decision is reached on the form and size of the Security Council.
  • The thesis of the Uniting for Consensus group is that any increase in permanent seats would further accentuate the disparity between the member countries.
  • Italy along with Pakistan, Mexico and Egypt, in 1995 founded the “Coffee Club“.
  • They were soon joined by other countries, including Spain, Argentina, Turkey, Canada, and South Korea, and in a short time, the group came to include about 50 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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