Global AI Action Alliance (GAIA) – UPSC Prelims

  • Global AI Action Alliance (GAIA) is a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform launched by World Economic Forum (WEF).
  • It has been designed to accelerate the adoption of inclusive, transparent, and trusted artificial intelligence tools globally and in industry sectors.
  • Members: The alliance is consisting of over 100 leading companies, governments, international organizations, non-profits, and academics. They all are committed to maximizing AI’s societal benefits while minimizing its risks.
  • Committee: A steering committee will guide the alliance. It is consisting of top global leaders from industry, government, academia, and civil society.
  • Significance: The alliance will provide a platform for members to;
    • engage in real-time learning,
    • frame new approaches to ethical AI,
    • increase adoption of best practices and
    • undertake collective action to ensure that AI’s benefits are shared by all.

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