Suspension – UPSC Ethics Case Study

You are working as Pre University (PU) Board Director. Since you have assumed office, you have taken strict measures such as suspending corrupt clerks and officials in the board; issuing notices to private colleges for indulging in admission malpractices; curbing the lobby of powerful private coaching centres. You have also introduced reforms in conducting fair and transparent entrance exams to professional courses. But, your measures have created more enemies for you within and outside the board. Recently, question papers of  PU exam were leaked two times and lives of students were made miserable. Despite your efforts to reform the system, it seems someone with vested interests have leaked papers to tarnish your image. After the public uproar, you are suspended from the position and shunted to a different department.

  1. Examine the ethical issues involved in this case study.
  2. After getting suspended, will you move quietly without trying to prove your innocence? What options do you have? Discuss their merits and demerits. (250 Words)
Ethical issues involved in the above case:-
  • Honesty, integrity and dedication of one officer against the short term immoral monetary gains of a few insiders.
  • Commercialisation of education against aspirations of many students.
  • Public pressure and populism force a compulsive action on a system which was designed to serve them only.
No I will not move quietly without trying to prove my innocence, but I’ll approach in a legal manner. Options which I have are:
  • Resign from my job & go for public protest
MERIT: I will be able to mobilise huge supporters by protests and different form of media. Soon I’ll be able to wash away my tarnished image.
DEMERIT- unethical approach so I will not go with it.
  • Continue with my job in another department and will share proofs of my innocence with people through different media.
MERIT: along with being in job I can shed away my tarnished image.
DEMERIT: unethical and illegal approach so I will not go with it.
  • Request superior authority for an investigation commission and till then I will work with another department I have been transferred to.
DEMERIT: time consuming process, it will take long to remove the stain of undone.
MERIT: it will check all the previous and present details under me and before me. Finally truth will prevail and I will be freed of all accuses. Legally as well ethically it is the best option because everything is under legal scanner and at the same time I’m fulfilling my duty in another department.



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