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“Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.” – Socrates
Comment on the statement in the light of contemporary developments related to women issues. (150 Words)
Socrates in his quote was saying that women were not equal to men in terms of Rights, status, etc. But if you put them on a level playing field (make them politically and socially equal to men) then they are actually better than men.
Interestingly, Gandhi had admitted that he learnt technique of non-violent passive resistance from women, especially from his wife and mother. The notion that women were inferior to men is subtly woven into the very fabric of our lives. Boys are associated with the colour blue (sky blue) because they were and still are considered heavenly beings, whilst the colour pink, and khaki in regions where skin colours are darker, are reserved for girls, confining them to a terrestrial feature on the planet, under man’s control. Still there are people who think-:
“Men are from mars (superior) and women are from Venus (beauty)”
Women are changing the world and making it a better place for all. As they enter the work place, they are slowly raising the GDP of each country. In organisations where women lead, both the organisations and the women benefit. As they enter politics, they are formulating better policies for the poor, and in countries where women are paid more, families thrive.
In their own way, without fighting, and taking the line of least resistance, women are showing that they are not equal to men, but more than equal to the tasks required to meet the challenges of a planet crying out for love, compassion and tolerance. It therefore stands to reason that the involvement of women at the highest levels of business, science and government should be encouraged, but also be fast tracked. So it can be said-:
“Give them a place to stand and they will try to move the world”.

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