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One of your friends who is preparing for civil services exam is addicted to consuming alcohol. He is a brilliant student, but due to some problems he is driven to this addiction. Now a days he keeps telling you that consuming alcohol is not wrong as it is keeping him “away from his problems”, moreover he is not abusing or harming anyone after consuming alcohol.

a) Why is consuming alcohol perceived as morally wrong among certain sections of societies? (100 Words)
b) Do you agree with your friend’s view? How and why you will persuade him to give up alcohol consumption? (150 Words)
Moral Values and Consciences are some ideal behaviour whose notions we attain from the society we live in. What is morally wrong to people in India might not be in same in other country and vice versa. As per Indian Society Moral Value system, anything which hinders negatively toward achieving coherence with well-being of family life, society, achieving goals, health and spirituality is considered morally wrong. Hence Consuming alcohol is considered against Indian culture because it disrupts relation between one who consumes and people who depends on them.
Answer (b): I don’t agree with my friends view that by him drinking, he is not harming or abusing anyone. As per Indian Culture system which focus lesser on individualist existence rather holistic existence of a person in relation to family, environment, teachers, society, peers etc. If any of his act affects anyone, it means it is wrong. As I am his friend so it’s my duty not only to save him from anything wrong but also to save him from himself if he is doing anything wrong.
I will persuade him in following ways:
Suggestive Ways:
  1. Reminding him of the dreams and hopes his parents on him.
  2. Asking him to introspect on: With what responsibilities toward society he started preparation, is he achieving that by drinking, he is delivering his full potential now?
  3. Will he suggest drinking to his younger siblings, then why he is cruel toward himself?
Active Ways:
  1. Asking him to accompany me for jogging in morning and evening.
  2. Keeping him away from his friend circle who drinks.


Reason why alcoholism considered a vice:
Because it effects
(1). Economically
(2). Socially
(3). Psychologically
(4). Health
Social norms and family values of India don’t allow it. Responsibilities of children and parents is on adults and if adult goes awry, everyone’s wellbeing is jeopardised.



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