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“To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” Discuss the relevance of quote  to present Indian society. (150 Words)

As the saying goes, if children are afraid of dark it is still tenable, the real tragedy is when men are afraid of light. Thus, if one can draw an analogy, the real tragedy today is educated people getting into immoral and illegal things and thus becoming a menace to society- sexual harassment at highest of research offices, corruption at public and private offices, educated youth getting swayed by illogical religious theories and making their way towards the ‘false Jihad’ all point towards the need for education of morals.
The present day definition of education is itself flawed with more focus on getting ranks, degrees and jobs with little or no attention on morals and thus Gandhiji’s definition of an educated man – a man of character – with high held morals- becomes more relevant today.
However, the education of morals and values in school should move in a more cautious way, so as to not enforce ‘uniform values’ – the real education of morals would be letting one choose ones own moral right and wrong, by giving him the ‘power of reasoning’ and thus respecting diversity.



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