Prenatal tests – UPSC Ethics

Is prenatal genetic screening and testing for birth defects and genetic conditions, or to alter genes, ethical? Justify. (150 Words)

Pre-natal tests and altering genes though show the stupendous advancement in technology, seriously breach our ethical standard:
  • Dignity of people with defects – will suffer as disability of any kind would be looked as an inferior state, which is to be removed by technology.
  • Compassion for differently abled – will diminish as disability will be seen as ineffectiveness in removing it and not due to natural reasons.
  • Rift in society – will further increase as rich will afford genetic treatments for better brain and body. Child will also question parents as to why they didn’t use technology to remove their genetic disorder.
  • Sex selection – will mar all the effort for gender equality.
  • Value of tolerance – Human tendency to fix everything according to our choice will erode our tolerance towards things we don’t like. This will have serious impact on peace and harmony.
Such technology does provide healthy and dignified life. It also reduces misery and creates a more productive human race. But we will not be human without humanity. Drawing out the benefit has to be treaded cautiously with larger consensus.



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