Poverty – UPSC Ethics

Do you think affluent people are morally obligated to donate aid to alleviate global poverty? Substantiate. (200 Words)

Swami Vivekanand opined “As long as millions live in poverty, him I call a traitor, who having being educated at their expense pays the least head to them”. It is for no one to deny that society has a contribution in shaping who we are at this moment. But donating aid has two points of view.
First, take the case of a well earning law abiding businessman. He pays all the taxes that the government can use for upliftment of the poor. He gives proper rights to all his employees, timely wages, adheres to corporate social responsibility etc. Thus, it is clear that his act acknowledges the fact that his position is due to the society and in return he dutifully does the above mentioned things.
Though the aforesaid view has merit, one feels that donating aid for alleviating poverty is still needed. Just closing the eyes after paying legal “aid” is like following an ostrich approach (knowing well, that the use of such taxes is very inefficient). Moreover from economic point of view, lesser the poverty, more will be the demand, less will be the crimes and better will be the economy for all. Thus, both by ethical point of view and economic prudence one must see charity as a duty rather than a ‘help’.
Moreover, on a global level, the present industrialized west has reached its zenith exploiting the resources of the present ‘poor’ countries. Thus, the affluent must contribute in whatever way possible to help the ones in penury.


In today’s society, greed is increasing being viewed as good and a necessary factor for development. Do you agree with this view? Critically analyse. (150 Words)
For economics, greed, exploitation of resources and open competition is good but for spirituality and morality all such things leads to chaos and disruption, because at the
end last person in competition will keep on loosing and remain under-developed.
Today’s society is based on Individualism following culture of western society which focussed on individual achievement for self-progress and luxury rather than community based progress.
As humans are social beings where each person is a unit of society. Everyone‘s greed will sum up to societal greed and because of limited resource and developing nature of Indian society where education, job and luxury are limited, It will lead to unhealthy competition and a cycle of success over success and failure over failure.
For inclusive development, society must focus on developing the basic requirement so that in longer run everyone will be able to get needful resource share out of economy for themselves like in Developed nation. Otherwise, India will vast population will not be able sustain if resources were to be distributed as per greed and not need.



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