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Is ethics relevant in politics? Justify with suitable illustrations. (200 Words)
Ethics is the study of moral character of voluntary human actions to ascertain whether actions are right or wrong. If we remove ethics from politics it will create a situation of trust deficit between citizen and politics which will harm the ideals of good governance as well as government. Therefore, yes ethics is relevant in politics.
Politics and politician are for welfare of the citizen, for that there is need of EMPATHY, COMPASSION & SELFLESSNESS in politics e.g. in implementing land reform plan in West Bengal. If a politician won’t be empathetic, compassionate and selfless then he/she may land up doing wrongs for the citizen as well as tarnishing the word politics as done in fodder scam of chaibasa, NRHM scam of U.P
HONESTY & INTEGRITY in politics has impact over citizen, as mentioned in Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta that character of its people are shaped by its leader, citizen usually follow their political leader. Truth in words as well as action is important too, promises made by politicians needs a great care since fake promises are a reason of poor image of politicians. Beti bachao –beti padhao became a reality coming out of manifesto.
TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY in a politics is necessary to fulfil the basic reason of politics in a country. Politics lacking these ideals may lead to corruption as happened in Sarada chit fund scam. e-office implementation in HRD ministry is a better try to uphold these ideals.

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