Identity Politics – UPS Ethics

Do you think so called ‘vote bank politics’ is ethical? Substantiate. (150 Words)
Vote bank politics has divided the county on caste and communal lines. It damages social harmony. The dying institution of caste has not only been revived but also revitalised by Vote Bank Politics.
Public officials have an obligation to serve the public in a manner that strengthens integrity and processes of a democratic society. But, due to vote bank politics, there is lack of ethical commitment from top to bottom in bureaucracy. The result is unbalanced growth, rise in poverty, regional discrimination, and fractured political system.
Jyoti Basu said “morality is becoming a casualty in politics.” It directly questions politicians’ sense of morality in ruling the masses. Vote-bank politics don’t show proper path on their conduct and behaviour which can drive nation to good governance.
Gandhiji said that whenever there was difficulty is solving political problem, don’t divide causes but think of the poorest and depressed person in the country and how his problem can be solved.
Gandhi’s noble idea of a society, based on the principles of truth and non-violence and which upholds ethical actions and moral conduct, is what one must strive for the betterment of our country.
Thus, vote-bank politics is not ethical and futile for country’s future.

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