How to reform criminals? – UPSC Ethics

You are working as Superintendent of Police in a metro city. Your area is known for its notorious rowdy elements. Office where you work has a long list of history sheeters. You somehow believe that these rowdies can be reformed and brought to mainstream as good citizens. What innovative measures will you take in this regard? Discuss. (200 Words)

Gandhiji said, hate the crime not the criminal. The law system of India is based on aforementioned concept. It is rehabilitative in nature rather than being retributive. Therefore, it is the duty of SP not to lose hope in reforming rowdies.
Following steps can be taken in this regard:
  • Realization of mistakes : Documentaries based on specific crime, which depicts loss to the society and families in particular, should be shown to respective criminals to agitate their conscience.
  • Responsibility towards family : Should be aroused to incentivise reform. Young children may be encouraged to meet their father and ask him to come out and live with them.
  • Joy of being with the family : Children should be given more time to discuss happenings in school, ask questions along with other family members to help inmate realise the happiness of being with the family.
  • Hope to be accepted by the society : should be instilled by panchayat, civil society, local leaders, president of colony coming to jail and promising a welcome if released with certification of good behaviour.
  • Melting their heart : If some of the people affected by the crime can come forward to forgive the criminals and urge them to reform, tremendous impact would be on them.
The above steps have to be complemented with skill development and improving jail environment to avoid further deterioration. It may be a long process but sweetness of the result must keep me and my team hopeful.



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