Tiger Conservation

Threats to Tigers:

    1. Habitat loss: Due to tremendous pressure on space and resources for human needs.
    2. Genetic inbreeding: Fewer mates to choose from, lower genetic diversity.
    3. Man –Tiger conflict: Due to close proximity, villagers often hunt tigers for personal safety and also to protect their livestock.
    4. Illegal wildlife trade: Areas around parks are easy targets for poachers and this is leading to one of the fastest growing illegal activity in the world.
    5. One of the river links in National River Linking Project would pass through Panna tiger reserve
    6. TSR Subramanian Committee recommends easy environmental clearance which might lead to habitat loss.
Measures need to be taken by India and other countries to preserve tigers and other endangered species:
    1. Maintaining inviolate core habitats for breeding.
    2. Ensure habitat connectivity for genetic exchange.
    3. Total ban on poaching of both tigers and prey.
    4. Better security and safety regulations of tiger corridors.
    5. Better collaboration of different countries with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which contributes to tiger conservation.
    6. Proper implementation of Global Tiger Initiative(GTI) by all participant countries.
    7. Better coordination with CITES for better delivery through “Project Tiger 1972”
    8. Strengthen wildlife crime control bureau



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