Mobile Tower Radiation – UPSC GS3

Radiation can be defined as the transmission of energy in the form of waves. Radiation which emits from Cell phone or cell tower is of Non Ionic in nature which has very low energy and can induce only thermal effect due to generation of heat.

Radiation from cell phone or cell tower has less penetration power unlike ionic radiations like UV rays, Gamma rays which can penetrate into the human body and cause health issues.
In India Handsets are not allowed to emit radiation more than 1.6 watt/kilo which is called SAR or specific absorption ratio and India’s safety factor is 10 times stiffer than in 90 per cent countries that follow standards set by the International Commission on Non-ionising Radiation Protection.
However mobile towers does not damage human health as long as the emission levels is kept under control and areĀ  within the regulations.



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